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[PDF] Download Free English book ‘A Mirror of Common Error’ | Spotting Error Free Book

[PDF] Download Free English book Latest Edition ‘A Mirror of Common Error’

A Mirror of Common Error New and Latest version e book download free here in pdf format. We are providing you latest book of english a mirror of common error download. Try it Free.
Spotting Error

Latest version of A mirror of common error book download free pdf | Important questions of spotting  error

Important Questions of Spotting Error (Try to solve below questions)

  • Because the pieces emerged from the museum’s archives, [a]/ often with scant information about the creators, [b]/ the exhibition has had to rely much in the voices of [c]/ those who brought the pieces to Britain. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Elliot hopes the exhibition—which will be on show [a]/ for over a year—will eventual help reveal [b]/ the stories of the creators and [c]/ spark discussion and debate on these communities. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Eventually, through its characters, the film teases out the many [a]/ nuances of arranged marriage: the contradictions [b]/ between the growing education, employment to financial opportunities for women, [c]/ and the inescapable pressures of “settling down” into matrimony. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Initially conceptualised as a year-long project, [a]/ the documentary eventually took almost four year to film, [b]/ and six to be completed, resulting in 90 sharp [c]/ minutes cut from 750 hours of footage. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Khehar on Saturday said [a]/ political parties should be held [b]/ accountable for the routinely unfulfilled [c]/ promises made in its election manifestos. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Though depression affects all demographic groups, [a]/ it is more common within adolescents and [b]/ young adults, women of child bearing [c]/ age [particularly following childbirth], and adults over the age of 60. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • An increase in educational enrolment among the [a]/ younger cohort, attainment of socio-economic status, [b]/ and household composition large [c]/ contributed to the drop. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • A study conducted by the World Health Organisation country office for [a]/ India in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health across [b]/ seven States in India show that banning gutka, [c]/ a form of chewing tobacco, helped users kick the habit. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Matchboxes, little auxiliaries to our lives that have endlessly [a]/ fascinated collectors and chroniclers of pop art, have [b]/ fast replaced almost entirely by [c]/ gas lighters, electric stoves and cigarette lighters. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • The rally, launched as part of social outreach programme [a]/ to connect children and youth along both coasts of the country, [b]/ is initiative of the Southern Naval Command organised as part [c]/ of celebrations to mark the platinum jubilee of INS Valsura. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • In a move that would benefit thousands of property buyers, [a]/ the State Registration Department have [b]/ proposed to reduce the guideline value [c]/ for registration of sale deed of properties in Tamil Nadu. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Tuesday began on a celebratory note but ended with [a]/ sad for child rights activist and Nobel Peace [b]/ prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, who came to his ancestral [c]/ home here for the first time after receiving the coveted prize. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • These receipts will not only certainly contain the names of those [a]/ attacked but also their addresses, in which [b]/ case it is for the corporation authorities to explain [c]/ as to why they sold cattle to out of State people,” the team said. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • The present method not only detects pregnancy [a]/ at an early stage, but also makes it possible [b]/ for breeders to independent carry [c]/ out the process of detection. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • The research states that “people working for bosses [a]/ who display psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies” not only [b]/ feel depressed because of constant bullying but are [c]/ also likely to engage in counterproductive behaviour. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • The current flag-bearer of women’s cricket in India, Mithali Raj, [a]/ recalls her 214, the then highest score in women’s Test history, [b]/ against England at Taunton in 2002: [c]/ Those days, the set-up was very amateurish, and there were hardly any money involved. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Speak to reporters after the announcement, Raju Murugan, [a]/ director of Joker, said that he hoped [b]/ the national award would open [c]/ up space for films with political content in future. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Another senior leader said that the idea was being strongly [a]/ pushed by several senior leaders, [b]/ since they think it would give the party [c]/ the much-need visibility. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • Citing the question asked in the SSLC social science exam [a]/ on who is the chairman of the Planning Commission, he said this [b]/ government does not even know [c]/ that the Commission was replaced on Niti Ayog in 2015. [d]/ No Error. [e]
  • In 2017, the State was witness to a series of protests [a]/ by students, members of Tamil organisations and others who [b]/ demand that jallikattu, the traditional adventure [c]/ sport of taming the bull, be permitted unconditionally. [d]/ No Error. [e]

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