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10000+ English Synonyms & Antonyms pdf free download | English books for competitive Exams

10000+ English Synonyms & Antonyms pdf free download | English books for competitive Exams

Download Free pdf of Englsih Synonyms and Antonyms pdf download. Frequently asked Important synonyms and antonyms worksheet pdf in competitive exams 

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Synonyms antonyms pdf download

Synonyms पर्यायवाची & विलोम शब्द Antonyms Words in Hindi pdf download for competitive Exams

English Important Word and their Antonyms and synonyms in pdf download links are given in this page. Download pdf notes provides you important study material, Exam preparation notes paper pdf, practice set pdf and other important notes.
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Some Important Synonyms and Antonyms for upcoming competitive exam.

Words        Synonyms        Antonyms

  • Impenitent    Uncontrite, Obdurate    Repentant
  • Impulsive    Flaky, Impetuous    Cautious, Deliberate
  • Indifferent    Equitable, Haughty    Partial, Biased
  • Indigent    Destitute, Impoverished    Rich, Affluent
  • Infernal    Damned, Accursed    Heavenly,
  • Insipid    Tedious, Prosaic    Pleasing, appetizing
  • Interesting    Enchanting, Riveting    Dull, Uninteresting
  • Immaculate    unsullied, spotless    Defiled, Tarnished
  • Immense    huge, enormous    Puny, Insignificant
  • Imminent    impending, brewing    Distant, Receding
  • Immunity    prerogative, privilege    Blame, Censure
  • Impair    diminish, deteriorate    Restore, Revive
  • Impartial    just, unbiased    Prejudiced, Biased
  • Impediment    hurdle, obstruction    Assistant, Concurrence
  • Impious    irreligious, unholy    Pious, Devout
  • Bustle    Commotion, Tumult    Slowness, Quiet
  • Barbarous    Frustrate, perplex    Civilized
  • Baroque    Florid, gilt    Plain, unadorned
  • Barren    Desolate, Sterile    Damp, Fertile
  • Barrier    Barricade, Obstacle    Link, Assistance
  • Base    Vulgar, Coarse    Summit, Noble
  • Batty    Insane, silly    Sane
  • Acumen    Awareness, brilliance    Stupidity, Ignorance
  • Adhere    Comply, observe    Condemn, disjoin
  • Abolish    Abrogate, annual    Setup Establish
  • Abash    Disconcert, rattle    Uphold, Discompose
  • Abound    Flourish, proliferate    Deficient, Destitute
  • Abate    Moderate, decrease    Aggravate

Some other Important Antonyms and Synonyms Free pdf For upcoming Exams 

  • Abject    Despicable, servile    Commendable, Praiseworthy
  • Abjure    Forsake, renounce    Approve, Sanction
  • Abortive    Vain, unproductive    Productive
  • Absolve    Pardon, forgive    Compel, Accuse
  • Accord    Agreement, harmony    Discord
  • Acrimony    Harshness, bitterness    Courtesy, Benevolence
  • Adamant    Stubborn, inflexible    Flexible, Soft
  • Adherent    Follower, disciple    Rival, Adversary
  • Adjunct    Joined, Added    Separated, Subtracted
  • Irrepressible    irresistible, unconfined    Composed, hesitant
  • Immaculate    Exquisite, Impeccable    Defiled, Tarnished
  • Jaded    tired, exhausted    Renewed, recreated
  • Jejune    dull, boring    Interesting, exciting
  • Jovial    frolicsome, cheerful    Solemn, morose
  • Jubilant    rejoicing, triumphant    Melancholy, depressing
  • Judicious    thoughtful, prudent    Irrational, foolish
  • Just    honest, impartial    Unequal, unfair
  • Justify    defend, exculpate    Impute, arraign
  • Juvenile    young, tender    Dotage, antiquated
  • Keen    sharp, poignant    Vapid, insipid
  • Kindred    relation, species    Unrelated, dissimilar
  • Knave    dishonest, scoundrel    Paragon, innocent
  • Knell    death knell, last blow    Reconstruction, rediscovery
  • Knotty    complicated difficult    Simple, manageable
  • Lavish    abundant, excessive    Scarce, deficient
  • Admonish    Counsel, reprove    Approve, Applaud
  • Adversity    Misfortune, calamity    Prosperity, Fortune
  • Alien    Foreigner, outsider    Native, Resident
  • Allay    Pacify, soothe    Aggravate, Excite
  • Alleviate    Abate, relieve    Aggravate, Enhance
  • Allure    Entice, fascinate    Repulse Repel
  • Ascend    Climb Escalate    Descend, Decline
  • Amplify    Augment, deepen    Lessen, Contract
  • Arraign    Incriminate, indict    Exculpate, Pardon
  • Audacity    Boldness, Courage    Mildness, Cowardice
  • Authentic    Accurate, credible    Fictitious, unreal
  • Awkward    Rude, blundering    Adroit, clever
  • Axiom    Adage, truism    Absurdity, Blunder
  • Baffle    Astound, Faze    Facilitate, Clarify
  • Bewitching    Alluring, charming    Repulsive, Repugnant
  • Bleak    Grim, Austere    Bright, Pleasant
  • Brittle    Breakable, crisp    Tough, Enduring
  • Bawdy    Erotic, Coarse    Decent, Moral
  • Befogged    Becloud, Dim    Clear headed, Uncloud
  • Benevolent    Benign, Generous    Malevolent, Miserly
  • Benign    Favorable, friendly    Malignant, Cruel
  • Bind    Predicament    Release
  • Bleak    Austere, Blank    Bright, Cheerful
  • Blunt    Dull, Insensitive    Keen, Sharp
  • Boisterous    Clamorous, rowdy    Placid, Calm
  • Bold    Adventurous    Timid

  • Busy    Active, Engaged    Idle, Lazy
  • Calculating    Canny, Devious    Artless, honest
  • Calamity    adversity, misfortune    Fortune
  • Callous    obdurate, unfeeling    Compassionate, Tender
  • Calumny    defamation, aspersion    Commendation, Praise

Synonyms and Antonysm For Competitive Exams Free PDF

  • Capable    competent, able    Incompetent, Inept
  • Captivate    Charm, fascinate    Disillusion offend
  • Captivity    imprisonment, confinement    Freedom, Liberty
  • Cease    terminate, desist    Begin, Originate
  • Chaste    virtuous, pure    Sullied, Lustful
  • Chastise    punish, admonish    Cheer, encourage
  • Compassion    kindness, sympathy    Cruelty, Barbarity
  • Comprise    include, contain    Reject, lack
  • Concede    yield, permit    Deny, reject
  • Concur    approve, agree    Differ, disagree
  • Consent    agree, permit    Object Disagree
  • Consequence    effect, outcome    Origin, Start
  • Consolidate    solidify, strengthen    Separate, Weaken
  • Humility    Resignation, Fawning    Boldness, Pride
  • Hypocrisy    Deception, Pharisaism    Sincerity, frankness
  • Impute    attribute, ascribe    Exculpate, support
  • Inclination    disposition, affection    Indifference, Disinclination
  • Incompetent    inefficient, unskilled    Dexterous, Skilled
  • Incongruous    inappropriate, absurd    Compatible, harmonious
  • Inevitable    unavoidable, ascertained    Unlikely, Doubtful
  • Infringe    violate, encroach    Comply, Concur
  • Ingenuous    undisguised, naive    Wily, Craftly
  • Insinuate    allude, hint    Conceal, Camouflage
  • Insipid    tasteless, vapid    Delicious, luscious
  • Insolvent    indigent, destitute    Wealthy, solvent
  • Instill    inculcate, inject    Eradicate, extract
  • Intricate    tangled, complicated    Regulated, Orderly
  • Intrigue    scheme, conspiracy    Candor, Sincerity
  • Intrinsic    genuine, fundamental    Extraneous, incidental
  • Invective    accusation, censure    Approval, acclamation
  • Invincible    unconquerable, impregnable    Effeminate, languid
  • Lax    slack, careless    Firm, reliable
  • Lenient    compassionate, merciful    Cruel, severe
  • Liable    accountable, bound    Unaccountable, apt to
  • Liberal    magnanimous, generous    Stingy, malicious
  • Linger    loiter, prolong    Hasten, quicken
  • Lucid    sound, rational    Obscure, hidden
  • Lunacy    delusion, insanity    Normalcy, sanity
  • Lure    attract, entice    Repel, dissuade
  • Luscious    palatable, delicious    Unsavory, tart
  • Luxuriant    profuse, abundant    Scanty, meagre
  • Languid    Sluggish, apathetic    Energetic, spirited
  • Malice    Vengefulness, grudge    Goodwill, Kindness
  • Mandatory    Imperative, requisite    Optional
  • Masculine    Gallant, strapping    Feminine, meek
  • Merit    Stature, Asset    Demerit, dishonor
  • Miraculous    marvelous, extraordinary    Ordinary, trivial
  • Mitigate    alleviate, relieve    Augment enhance
  • Modest    humble, courteous    Arrogant, pompous
  • Molest    harass, tease    Console, soothe
  • Mollify    appease, assuage    Irritate, infuriate
  • Momentous    notable, eventful    Trivial, insignificant
  • Monotonous    irksome, tedious    Varied, pleasant
  • Morbid    Nasty, Macabre    Healthy, Cheerful
  • Munificent    liberal, hospitable    Frugal, penurious
  • Murky    dusky, dreary    Bright, shining
  • Mutinous    recalcitrant, insurgent    Submissive, faithful
  • Nimble    prompt, brisk    Sluggish, languid
  • Nonchalant    indifferent, negligent    Attentive, considerate
  • Novice    tyro, beginner    Veteran, ingenious
  • Noxious    baneful, injurious    Healing, profitable
  • Nullify    cancel, annual    Confirm, Uphold
  • Notion    Conceit, Apprehension    Reality, Concrete
  • Numerous    profuse, various    Scarce, deficient
  • Obstruct    impede, prevent    Hasten, encourage
  • Mutual    joint, identical    Separate, distinct
  • Niggardly    miser, covetous    Generous, profuse

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