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Monday, 2 September 2019

[pdf*] English Vocabulary Most Important Tricks PDF in hindi Free | Word Meaning download

[pdf*] English Vocabulary Most Important Tricks PDF in hindi Free| English Word Meaning pdf download

English Vocabulary learning short trick in hindi and English free pdf download. All important vocabulary for upcoming Exam like UPSC, Civil services, SSC, CGL, MTS, CHSL, CPO, Railway, NTPC, RRB, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard, NDA, Group D and other Exam. provides you Important Englsih Grammar and English Notes pdf.

Vocabulary pdf download

Vocabulary yaad karne ki Tricks free main pdf download | English Important word Explain for upcoming Exams

Students, through this post today, we will make you available in English Vocabulary Learning Tricks PDF in Hindi! Which will prove very useful for all types of competitive exams!
These PDFs are being made available in this page, you can download them through the link given below!

Important Vocabulary for upcoming Exam Most Important Notes

  • ELOQUENCE- वाक्पटुता

Exaplain: fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.
Synonyms: oratory, rhetoric, grandiloquence, magniloquence; expressiveness, articulacy, fluency, facility, persuasiveness, enunciation, locution.
Opposite Word- : inarticulacy, haziness, silence, speechlessness

  • BADINAGE- परिहास

Exaplain: humorous or witty conversation.
Synonyms: banter, chaff, jesting, joshing, raillery, repartee, barb, gag, gambit, jest, joke, quip.
Opposite Word- : bullying, criticism, argument, fight.

  • EMBROIL- उलझाना

Exaplain: to involve in conflict or difficulties
Synonyms: broil, mire, enmesh, ensnare, ensnarl, entangle, entrap, snare, tangle, trap.
Opposite Word- : emancipate, free, liberate, release, acclimate, relieve, soothe, arrange, decipher

  • RIVET- ध्यान आकर्षित करना

Exaplain: to attract and hold --> something, such as a person’s attention    |      completely.
Synonyms: fascinating, gripping, engrossing, interesting, thrilling, absorbing, captivating, enthralling, intriguing, compelling, spellbinding, mesmerizing, hypnotic.
Opposite Word- : detach, disinterest, annoy.

Some Most Important  Word meaning for upcoming Exam

  • AXIOM --> सिद्धांत    |      Exaplain-  A statement accepted as true without proof
  • BALE --> गांठ    |      Exaplain-  A large number of cotton tied in a bundle
  • BALLAD --> गाथागीत    |      Exaplain-  A story in verse
  • BALLAD --> गाथागीत    |      Exaplain-  Poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story
  • BARRAGE --> आड़    |      Exaplain-  In questions
  • BATHOPOBIA --> गहरे स्थानों का भय    |      Exaplain-  Fear of depths
  • BENEDICTION --> आशीर्वाद    |      Exaplain-  Blessing given by priest
  • BENIGN --> सौम्य    |      Exaplain-  To explain a spritual truth
  • BENIGN --> सौम्य    |      Exaplain-  A tumour which is not likely to spared
  • BESIEGE --> मुहासिरा करना    |      Exaplain-  To surround with armed forces
  • BETRODTED --> मंगेतर    |      Exaplain-  Engaged to be married
  • BEVY --> झुंड    |      Exaplain-  A large group of girls/ladies
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY --> ग्रंथ सूची    |      Exaplain-  A list of writings on a subject.
  • BIBLIOPHILE --> पुस्तकों का प्यार करनेवाला    |      Exaplain-  One who loves books.
  • BIBULOUS --> शराबी    |      Exaplain-  Fond of much alcoholic drinks
  • BIGOT --> कट्टर व्यक्रित    |      Exaplain-  One who intolerantly devoted to a particular creed
  • BIOGRAPHY --> जीवनी    |      Exaplain-  The story of a person’s life.
  • BIOPSY --> जीवोति-जांच    |      Exaplain-  Examination of living tissue
  • BLASPHEMOUS --> तिरस्कारी    |      Exaplain-  One who is irreverent towards god.
  • BLONDE --> गोरा    |      Exaplain-  A man or woman with skin and hair or auburn colour
  • BOHEMIAN --> बोहेनिया का    |      Exaplain-  An unconventional style of living
  • BOOR --> गंवार    |      Exaplain-  Clumsy or ill-bred fellow
  • BORROW --> उधार    |      Exaplain-  The dwelling place if an animal underground
  • BOUTIQUE --> बूटिक    |      Exaplain-  A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc.
  • BRACE --> सिकोड़ना    |      Exaplain-  A pair of pigeons
  • BREVITY --> संक्षिप्तता    |      Exaplain-  Briefness; shortness of time.
  • BREWERY --> शराब की भठ्ठी    |      Exaplain-  A place where beer is made.
  • BREWERY --> शराब की भठ्ठी    |      Exaplain-  A factory for manufacturing of beers
  • BROCADE --> जरी वस्त्र    |      Exaplain-  Woven fabric richly ornamented with designs
  • BUMPKIN --> बेढंग आदमी    |      Exaplain-  One who comes from a village and considered stupid
  • BUNAGLOW --> बंगला    |      Exaplain-  A small house with all rooms on one floor
  • CACAOGRAPHIST Exaplain-  A person who is bad in spelling
  • CACHE --> कैश    |      Exaplain-  A place where treasurers ,stores ,ammunition are hidden
  • CACOPHOBIA Exaplain-  Fear of ugliness
  • CADAVEROUS --> शव का    |      Exaplain-  That which is corpse like
  • CAJOLE --> झूठ बोलना    |      Exaplain-  Persuade by flattery
  • CALLIGRAPHY --> सुलेख    |      Exaplain-  The art of beautiful hand writing.
  • CALLIGRAPHY --> सुलेख    |      Exaplain-  The art of beautiful hand writing.
  • CALLOUS --> कठोर    |      Exaplain-  A person who is insensible to kind thoughts or sympathetic feeling
  • CANNIBAL --> नरभक्षक    |      Exaplain-  One who eats human flesh
  • CANOPHILIST Exaplain-  Lover of dogs
  • CARCASE --> जिस्म    |      Exaplain-  The dad body of a animal
  • CARCASS --> शव    |      Exaplain-  The dead body of a animal
  • CARDIOLOGIST --> हृदय रोग विशेषज्ञ    |      Exaplain-  A doctor specialising in matters relating to the heart.
  • CARNIVAL --> कार्निवाल    |      Exaplain-  Public marry making and feasting
  • BUNTING --> गौरेया    |      Exaplain-  A collection of flags
  • BUREAUCRACY --> नौकरशाही    |      Exaplain-  A government run by civil servants.
  • BURSAR --> एक छात्रवृत्ति पर एक कॉलेज या विश्वविद्यालय में भाग लेने के छात्र।    |      Exaplain-  Person who holds scholarship at a university
  • BYRE --> गोशाला    |      Exaplain-  Place where cows are sheltered

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