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[PDF] Practice Set: Best 10000+ GK Questions with Answers (MCQs) ~ Download Now

Practice set Download PDF MCQs: Best 10000+ General Knowledge Questions with answers ~ Download Now!

Practice these 15 Questions of GK and Download PDF. In this particular article we are providing you best 15 questions of GK and their answer. you can also download more practice set in pdf format. 
10000+ GK Questions pdf Download

Download pdf MCQs and Practice set of GK and GS (General Knowledge and General Science)

Take a look at these questions

1. In modern times, elected local Government bodies were created after 1882. Who was the Viceroy of India at that time?

  • A. Lord Rippon.
  • B. Lord Mayo
  • C. Lord Minto
  • D. Lord Lytton

2. Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected for a term of——.

  • A. three years
  • B. five years
  • C. six years.
  • D. seven years

3. The Bharatiya Jana Sangh was formed in-------.

  • A. 1950
  • B. 1951.
  • C. 1952
  • D. 1955

4. 90% of the earth's crust is made of which type of rock?

  • A. Igneous rock.
  • B. Sedimentary rocks
  • C. Metamorphic rocks
  • D. None of these

5. Which one of the following is the type of plate boundary of the Indian plate along the Himalayan Mountains?

  • A. Ocean-continent convergence
  • B. Continent-continent convergence.
  • C. Divergent boundary
  • D. Transform boundary

6. The Inter Tropical Convergence Zone normally occurs——.

  • A. near the Arctic Circle
  • B. near the Tropic of Capricorn
  • C. near the Equator.
  • D. near the Tropic of Cancer

7. Which one of the following is not a sedimentary rock?

  • A. Limestone
  • B. Sandstone
  • C. Conglomerate
  • D. Breccia.

8. Which of the following mineral is commonly found in meteorites?

  • A. Feldspar
  • B. Quartz
  • C. Pyroxene.
  • D. Amphibole

9. Which one of the following is not a minor plate?

  • A. Caroline plate
  • B. Fuji plate
  • C. Philippine plate
  • D. Pacific plate.

10. Polar fleeing force relates to-----------.

  • A. Tides
  • B. Gravitation
  • C. Rotation of the Earth.
  • D. Revolution of the Earth

11. Which one of the following describes the lithosphere?

  • A. Mantle and Core
  • B. Crust and Core
  • C. Crust and upper mantle.
  • D. Upper and lower mantle

12. Which type of volcanic eruptions has caused Deccan Trap formations?

  • A. Composite
  • B. Shield
  • C. Caldera
  • D. Flood.

13. The book "We Indians" written by -

  • A. H.G. Wells
  • B. Khushwant Singh.
  • C. James Jeans
  • D. Thomas Moore

14. Which is not matched corectly?

  • A. Algeria – Denar
  • B. Iraq – Denar
  • C. Macedonia – Denar
  • D. Morocco – Balboa.

15. Full form of VRDE is -

  • A. Value Research and Development Established.
  • B. Vikram Research and Development Established...
  • C. Vehicle Research and Development Establishment.
  • D. Very Research and Development Establishment.

16. Which is not the line demarcating the boundary of Germany?

  • A. Hindenburg line
  • B. Maginot line
  • C. Oder-Neisse line
  • D. Mannerhein line.

17. The term "Smart Money" broadly refers to ___________.

  • 1) Foreign currency
  • 2) Internet banking.
  • 3) U.S. Dollars
  • 4) Travellers’ cheques

18. Economic Survey is published by ___________.

  • 1) Governments of India
  • 2) Indian Statistical Institute
  • 3) Ministry of Finance.
  • 4) Planning Commission

19. The famous Kosijura Case of Bengal happened in whose reign?

  • 1) Warren Hastings.
  • 2) Lord Cornwallis
  • 3) John Shore
  • 4) Wellesley

20. Which of the following movement is related to the Teenkathiya system?

  • 1) Tebhaga Movement
  • 2) Kheda Satyagraha
  • 3) Champaran Satyagraha.
  • 4) Bardoli Satyagraha

21. Where is located the most active volcano in the world?

  • 1) Around the Atlantic Ocean
  • 2) Around the Pacific Ocean.
  • 3) Around the Indian Ocean
  • 4) Around the Arctic Ocean

22. Which of the following range is known as 'Sahyadri'?

  • 1) Satpura
  • 2) Western Ghats.
  • 3) Eastern Ghats
  • 4) Aravali

23. Which one of the pairs of folk-dance and state is NOT matched?

  • 1) Jhumar – Haryana.
  • 2) Tamasha - Maharashtra
  • 3) Kajri - Uttar Pradesh
  • 4) Baul - West Bengal

24. How many agreements have been signed by India and Israel in July 2017?

  • 1) 5
  • 2) 7.
  • 3) 9
  • 4) 11

25. Which film won the Oscar Awards 2017 for the best picture category?

  • 1) La La Land
  • 2) The Sales Man
  • 3) Manchester by the sea
  • 4) Moon Light.

26. “Golden Land” is a popular sobriquet of which of the following country?

  • 1) China
  • 2) Bhutan
  • 3) Myanmar.
  • 4) Sri Lanka

27. An atom can achieve octet by ______.

I. sharing electron
II. gaining electron
III. losing electron
  • 1) Only I and II
  • 2) Only I and III
  • 3) Only II and III
  • 4) All I, II and III.

28. Saturated carbon compounds can form which types of chain structures?

I. Straight chain
II. Branched chain

  • 1) Only I
  • 2) Only II
  • 3) Neither I nor II
  • 4) Both I and II.

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