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Download: Air force AFCAT All Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Air force AFCAT Previous year question paper free pdf is available in this page. You can download here free pdf of AFCAT New last year question paper and their answers. Syllabus and Study notes of Air force CAT Exam PDF.

Download: Air force AFCAT All Previous Year Question Paper PDF

AFCAT - Gateway to a Distinguished Career in the Indian Air Force


The Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of the world's premier aerial defence forces, and joining its ranks is a dream for many young and ambitious individuals. The Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) serves as the gateway for those aspiring to don the prestigious uniform of the IAF. This comprehensive examination is designed to select officers for various branches of the Air Force, offering a challenging yet rewarding career path.

AFCAT Overview:

AFCAT is a national-level examination conducted by the Indian Air Force twice a year (in February and August) to recruit officers in the Flying, Technical, and Ground Duty branches. The examination is open to both men and women, and successful candidates undergo rigorous training at the Air Force Academy.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria to appear for AFCAT, including age limits, educational qualifications, and medical standards. The specific requirements vary for different branches, and aspiring candidates should carefully review the official notification before applying.

AFCAT Exam Pattern:

The AFCAT exam is a computer-based test consisting of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The paper is divided into four sections: General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test. For the Flying branch, there is an additional Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) that assesses candidates' technical knowledge.

Career Opportunities:

Flying Branch: Aspiring pilots can join the Flying branch and undergo rigorous training to become fighter or transport pilots. This branch offers the thrill of flying some of the most advanced aircraft in the world.

Technical Branch: Engineers and technical graduates can join the Technical branch, where they contribute to the maintenance and operational efficiency of IAF's aircraft and systems.

Ground Duty Branch: This branch includes various departments such as Administration, Logistics, Accounts, Education, and Meteorology. Professionals in these fields play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the Air Force.

Preparation Strategies:

Thorough Understanding: Candidates should have a deep understanding of the AFCAT syllabus, covering subjects like General Awareness, English, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning.

Practice Previous Papers: Solving previous years' question papers and mock tests helps candidates become familiar with the exam pattern and enhances time management skills.

Physical Fitness: In addition to the written exam, candidates must meet the prescribed physical and medical standards. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are crucial for success.


Joining the Indian Air Force through AFCAT is not just a job; it's a commitment to serving the nation with honor and dedication. The opportunities for personal and professional growth are immense, making AFCAT a highly sought-after examination among the youth of India. Aspirants should approach the preparation with determination, discipline, and a passion for serving their country in the skies.

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