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Tally Shortcuts: Tally prime shortcut keys pdf − टैली प्राइम शार्टकट्स

Downloadpdfnotes is providing you important notes of Tally Prime with GST. Short-cut Keys list pdf of Tally prime is very important for you work excellence. You can get here Tally Prime, ERP 9 updated version short cuts keys pdf.

Tally Shortcuts: Tally prime shortcut keys pdf − टैली प्राइम शार्टकट्स

Updated Tally Prime Shortcut Keys, voucher PDF in Hindi, tally prime shortcut keys | Tally with GST Shortcuts Keys

Tally Shortcuts: Tally prime shortcut keys pdf − टैली प्राइम शार्टकट्स
Tally prime shortcut keys

Tally prime shortcut keys list pdf

All Shortcuts of Tally prime for voucher, calculator, invoice cancel, edit log shortcut, purchase order shortcut and ledger Free. Tally prime bank reconciliation shortcut key, cheat sheet, r programming shortcuts, backup shortcut keys and ledger delete shortcut key.

Tally prime gold shortcut keys pdf download

Across TallyPrime – Complete Shortcuts Keys

Shortcut Keys Function Location in TallyPrime


Used to exit screen or revert to the previous screen after closing the current open screen
Removes inputs that are provided or selected for a field  


Repair Company (in case of data retrieval or repairing any company data)  


This is the shortcut key to quit from TallyPrime 


To view the Build Information 


To save or accept a screen  


To expand or collapse a group in a table  


Moves cursor to the last field or last line  


To move to the first line or first field  


To hide or open calculator panel  


This tally shortcut key opens the email menu: sending transactions, reports or current voucher Top Menu 


Open Company top menu Top Menu 


To open the list of actions that are applicable to mage the data of the company Top Menu 


TallyPrime shortcut key to Exchange Company Data. Provides options for data synchronisation Top Menu 


Opens a report and creates masters and vouchers in the flow of work Top Menu 


To open the Import menu: importing masters, transactions, and bank statements Top Menu 


To open Export menu: exporting masters, reports, transactions or current voucher Top Menu 


Zoom-to-zoom-in while on print preview (for vouchers and reports) Top Menu Top Menu 


To open Help menu Top Menu Top Menu 


 Opens the Company Features screen - Top Menu Top Menu 

CTRL+P Print:  

To print current report or voucher Top Menu Top Menu 


To switch to a different report, and create vouchers and masters-Top menu Top Menu 


To open TallyHelp (based on the context of the screen that is displayed) Top Menu Top Menu 


To select data entry language applicable to all screens Top Menu Top Menu 


To change the date of voucher entry or to change period for reports Right Button Right Button

Change Company: Switches to another company from the list of open companies Right button Right Button 


Configuration Right Button 


To shut the currently loaded companies Right Button Right Button 


Selects or opens other company present in the same folder or any other data path Right Button 


To change the system period for reports Right Button Right Button 


Exit the screen or the application Bottom Bar Bottom Bar


Tally Shortcut for Credit Note F10 > Accounting Vouchers


Tally Shortcut for Debit Note F10 > Accounting Vouchers


To Open Payroll Voucher F10 > Payroll Vouchers


Open Rejection In voucher F10 > Inventory Vouchers


Open Rejection Out voucher F10 > Inventory Vouchers

Prime Tally Short-keys – Reports PDF

Shortcut Keys Function Location in TallyPrime

  • ALT+I Insert Voucher in report Bottom bar
  • Alt+2 Duplicate entry: Creates an entry in the report by duplicating a voucher Bottom bar
  • Alt+D To delete an entry from a report Bottom bar
  • Alt+X Cancel Current Voucher Bottom bar
  • CTRL+R To retrieve ration from the previous voucher (for the same voucher type) Bottom bar
  • Alt+U To display all hidden entries if they were removed Bottom bar
  • Ctrl+U To display the last hidden line (in case of multiple lines, using the shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first, post which the sequence will be followed) Bottom bar
  • ALT+F1 or
  • ALT+F5
  • To view details of entries all at once Right button
  • Shift+Enter
  • To view details of an entry without opening it
  • Ctrl+Shift+End
  • Select or deselect lines till the end
  • Ctrl+Shift+Home Select or deselect lines till the top
  • Ctrl+Alt+I To invert the selection of line items in a report

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Vouchers and Masters – Shortkeys of Tally Prime

Shortcut Keys Function Location in TallyPrime


To delete voucher, group, stock item, company and ledger
Deletes empty ledgers, To delete entry from a report Bottom Bar 

Alt+X Cancel Current Voucher Bottom Bar
Ctrl+F To auto-fill details Right Button
Ctrl+H Change mode: To open voucher in different modes Right Button
Alt+S Opens Stock Query Report for the selected stock item Right Button
Ctrl+L Mark voucher as Optiol Right Button
Ctrl+D To remove an item or a ledger line in a voucher Bottom Bar
CTRL+T Post-Dated Voucher: To mark a voucher as post-dated Right Button
F10 To view list of all Vouchers Right Button
Alt+R To retrieve rration from the previous ledger
ALT+C To create a master
Alt+V Opens a manufacturing jourl from the Quantity field of a jourl voucher
Ctrl+R To retrieve rration from the previous voucher (for the same voucher type)
Alt+4 or Ctrl+4 Insert base currency symbol in an input field
Ctrl+V or

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