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Indian Navy mathematics important exam questions | Free pdf download

Indian Navy mathematics important exam questions | Free pdf download

Mathematics Solved Questions for Indian Navy Exam like SSR, Navy, Officers Exam and MR
Indian navy math questions pdf
Indian navy math questions pdf

Latest Indian navy ssr and aa question paper in hindi pdf | Free online nausena cbt math quiz in English

Download pdf notes provides you important sums for Indian navy Exam. These math questions has been asked in previous online and offline exam. Indian navy online cbt math section solved questions collection is in this page. You can download it free here.
Indian navy conducted online exam CBT Every Year (2 times in a year). If you are going to appear in this exam, you should a look at these math questions. These questions will definately help you in your exam. You can also download these questions and its pdf free.

Most Important math questions for Indian Navy Exam (SSR, AA, MR and other Exams)

These math question are very important for upcoming navy exam like Senior Secondary Recruit, Artificer Apprentice post, Matric Recruit, and other exams.

If s= t3–4t2+5 describes the motion of a particle, then its velocity will be (in unit/sec) when the acceleration vanishes, is-

  • I.    16/9
  • II.    – 32/3
  • III.    4/3
  • IV.    –16/3

Find the standard deviation of 8, 12, 13, 15, 22-

  • I.    3.54
  • II.    3.72
  • III.    4.21
  • IV.    4.6

Find the number of points where f(x)=|x + 2|+|x – 3| is not differentiable-

  • I.    2
  • II.    3
  • III.    0
  • IV.    1

Derivative of sinx with respect to logx is-

  • I.    cos x
  • II.    x cos x
  • III.    cosxlogx
  • IV.    1x cos x

Find the foci of hyperbola 9x2–16y2=144 -

  • I.    (0, ±5)
  • II.    (±5, 0)
  • III.    (±5, 1)
  • IV.    (5, ±1)

Find nature of the triangle whose vertices are A (12, 8),, B (-2, 6) and C(6, 0)

  • I.    Isosceles Right angle triangle
  • II.    Equilateral triangle
  • III.    Scalene triangle
  • IV.    None of these

For every point P(x, y, z) on the xy - plane,

  •  I.    x = 0
  • II.    y = 0
  • III.    z = 0
  • IV.    None of these

Indian navy written test [CBT] math questions

If a coin is tossed 3Times, find the probability of getting one or 2 heads-

  • I.    4/5
  • II.    5/8
  • III.    3/4
  • IV.    6/7

If the points & are collinear, then a is equal to-

  • I.    40
  • II.    – 40
  • III.    20
  • IV.    – 20

Find area of the region (in sq. unit) bounded by the curve y^2= 2y – x & y – axis

  • I.    8/3
  • II.    4/3
  • III.    5/3
  • IV.    2/3

A relation S in the set of real numbers is defined as xSy ⇒  x – y+ √3 is an irrational number, then relation S is-

  • I.    reflexive
  • II.    reflexive and symmetric
  • III.    transitive
  • IV.    symmetric and transitive

Find the nature of relation R, if R is defined as R= [(x,y) : 2x + y= 41, x, yà N]

  • I.    reflexive
  • II.    symmetric
  • III.    transitive
  • IV.    None of these

cos 24°+ cos 55° + cos 125° + cos 204° + cos 300°=-

  • I.    1/2
  • II.    3/2
  • III.    3
  • IV.    0

3 balls are drawn from a bag containing 2 red and 5 black balls, if the random variable X represents the number of red balls drawn, then X can take values in given options-

  • I.    0, 1, 2
  • II.    0, 1, 2, 3
  • III.    0
  • IV.    1, 2

Indian navy ssr math question

Find the conjugate of (6 + 5i)^2

  • I.    60 +11i
  • II.    11 – 60i
  • III.    11+ 60i
  • IV.    60 – 11i

C(n,r)+2C(n,r –1)+C(n,r – 2) =-

  • I.    C(n + 1,r)
  • II.    C(n + 2,r)
  • III.    C(n + 2,r – 1)
  • IV.    C(n+1,r – 1)

If nth term of a G.P. is 2^n then find the sum of its first 6 terms-

  • I.    126
  • II.    124
  • III.    190
  • IV.    154

Let A and B be 2 given independent events such that P(A) =p and P(B)= q and P(exactly one of A, B)= 23, then value of 3p+3q – 6pq is-

  • I.    2
  • II.    -2
  • III.    4
  • IV.    -4

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