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Sunday, 18 October 2020

[pdf*] Free Toppers Reasoning Questions with Solution Handwritten Notes pdf download

Free Reasoning Questions with Solution Handwritten Notes pdf download

Rajendra Singh Aggarwal Handwritten Notes Free pdf download. Solved Questions of Reasoning with sort Tricks.
Toppers Reasoning Notes
Toppers Reasoning Notes

Handwritten Notes created by Rajendra Singh Aggarwal [UPSC aspirant] and uploaded on

Download pdf notes provides you important notes of reasoning with short tricks solution for upcoming competitive exams. If you are preparing for competitive Exam like UPSC, SSC, CGL, CHSL, MTS, TET, State Exam preparation. These notes are written by Rajendra Singh Aggarwal and copyrighted by

Some important Reasoning Questions with solutions

Reasoning Questions and Answers with tricks solutions for competative exams

1) If each vowel of the word “TAMILNADU” is changed to the next in the English alphabetical series & Each consonant to the previous letter in alphabetical series & then Alphabets thus formed are arranged in alphabetical order from left to right, which of the following will be 3ed from the right End-

  • a. C
  • b. S
  • c. M
  • d. L
Current Answer: c

Directions for Quesitons 2 to 4: Read the given information carefully and sovle the following questions.

  • G&R means G is neither smaller than nor equal to R.
  • G#R means G is neither smaller than nor greater than R.
  • G@R means G is not smaller than R.
  • G*R means G is not greater than R.
  • G^R means G is neither greater than nor equal to R.

2) If M&P@D#Q@R&S, then which of the following is true-

  • a. S&M
  • b. Q@S
  • c. R*P
  • d. S&D
Current Answer:- c
Solution: M>P≥D=Q≥R>S

3) If S#L*F^G; F&M@Y, then which of the following is false-

  • a. Y^G
  • b. G&L
  • c. Y^L
  • d. L@M
Correct Answer: d
Solution: S=L≤F<G; F>M≥Y

4) If Y@R@T#B&Z; R&C; B^K, then which of the following is true-

  • a. K&T
  • b. C*Z
  • c. T*Y
  • d. Z&R
Correct Answer: c
Solution: Y≥R≥T=B>Z; B<K; R>C

Reasoning handwritten notes pdf in English

Directions for Questions 5 to 9: Read the given information and Solve Reasoning Questions In a certain code language

  • I.    ‘only festival for student’ is coded as ‘GS%8 IF$21 OF#21 BO@12’
  • II.    ‘massive movement in life’ is coded as ‘VL$15 MI%18 GM@14 VM#14’
  • III.    ‘now promote to self" is coded as ’US%8 LT$7 VP#11 DN@13’
  • IV.    ‘hard work plus luck" is coded as ‘PL@15 HP#11 PW$4 WH%19’

5) Correct for code for ‘next time’ in the given code language-

  • a. GN@13 VT#7
  • b. GN@13 VT@20
  • c. GN@13 TV#20
  • d. GN#13 VT#20
Correct Answer: a
Solution: GN@13 VT#20

7) What is the code for “you create history” in below codes-

  • a. FY@2 VC#24 HB%19
  • b. YF@2 VC#24 BH%19
  • c. FY@2 VC#24 BH%19
  • d. FY@2 CV#24 BH%19
Correct Answer: c
Solution: FY@2 VC#24 BH%19

8) What is the code for ‘stringent action must required ’ in the given code language-

  • a. GS@8 MA%26 GM#14 RW$M
  • b. %26 GM#14 WR$9
  • c. SG@8 MA%26 GM#14 WR$9
  • d. GS@8 MA%26 GM#14 WR$9
Correct Answer: d
Solution. GS@8 MA%26 GM#14 WR$9

9) Possible code for ‘utilise time’ in the given code language-

  • a. VU@6 VT#7
  • b. UV@6 VT#7
  • c. VU@6 TV#7
  • d. VU#6 VT#7
Correct Answer: a
Solution: VU@6 VT#7

10) Code for ‘convert weakness into strength' in the given code language-

  • a. GC@24 HW#4 LI$18 SS%8
  • b. CG@24 HW#4 LI$18 SS%8
  • c. GC@24 WH#4 LI$18 SS%8
  • d. GC@24 HW#4 IL$18 SS%8
Correct Answer:- a
Solution: GC@24 HW#4 LI$18 SS%8

handwritten notes of reasoning for competitive exams

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Posted by- Rajendra Singh Aggarwal (UPSC Aspirant)

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