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Friday, 30 November 2018

Free Mock test of Indian coast guard GD

Free Mock test of Indian coast guard GD

Online free practice sets and mock test of Indian coast guard GD. Try to solve and get a better score before exam. All the best.

Indian coast guard navik GD Mock test

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) protects India’s maritime interests and enforces maritime law, with jurisdiction over the territorial waters of India, including its contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone.

Exam Syllabus:

Maths – Relations and Functions, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Straight Lines, Circles, Conic Sections, Permutations and Combinations, Vectors, Sets and Set Theory, Statistics, 3D Geometry, Probability Function, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Integrals, Matrices, Determinants.

Physics– Physical World and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Solids and Fluids, Heat Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations, Principles of Communication.

Chemistry – Metals and Non Metals, Organic Chemistry, solid, liquid or gaseous, elements, periodic table, chemical reactions.

English– Passage, Preposition, Correction of sentences, active passive voice, direct indirect sentences, Verbs/Tense/Non Finises, Punctuation, Substituting phrasal verbs for expression, Synonyms and Antonyms, Use of adjective, Compound preposition, Determiners, Use of pronouns.

GK & Current Affairs–
Culture and Religion, Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland Harbours, Freedom Movement, Sports : championships/Winners/Terms/No. of Players, Defence, Wars and Neighbors, Current Affairs, Important National Facts about India, Heritage and Arts, Dance, History, Languages, Capitals and Currencies, 
National: Bird/ Animal/ Sport/ Flower/ Anthem/ Song/ Flag/ Monuments, Eminent Personalities, Common Names, Full forms and Abbreviations, Discoveries, Diseases and Nutrition, Award and Authors.

Quantitative aptitude and reasoning– Symbolic/Number Analogy, Figural Analogy, Classification, Drawing inferences, Punched hole/pattern-folding & unfolding, Number Series, Embedded figures, Figural Series, Problem Solving, Blood relation, similarities and differences, Word Building, Coding and de-coding, Other sub-topics, if any Numerical operations.

Online Mock test links are given below-

ICG navik GD mock test 1

ICG navik GD mock test 2

ICG navik GD mock test 3

ICG navik GD mock test 4

ICG navik GD mock test 5

ICG navik GD mock test 6

ICG navik GD mock test 7

ICG navik GD mock test 8

ICG navik GD mock test 9

ICG navik GD mock test 10

ICG navik GD mock test 11

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