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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Important Miscellaneous GK Questions with answer | Free GK MCQs

Important Miscellaneous GK Questions with answers | Free GK MCQs

Most important questions of Miscellaneous GK with answer for upcoming exams. 
Important Miscellaneous GK Questions with answer
Important Miscellaneous GK Questions with answer

These questions will be helpful for your upcoming exam like UPSC, SSC, SSR, AA, UP VDO, UPSSC, Coast guard and other exams.

1. Which of the following is called the Mother of Parliaments?

  • (a) The German Parliament
  • (b) The American Prliament
  • (c) The French Parliament
  • (d) The British Parliament 930

2. What is “NMD” ?

  • (a) New Monetary Devices
  • (b) National Meteorologial Department
  • (c) National Missile Defence Space based anti ballistic missile system being set up by the US
  • (d) New Monroe Doctrine

3. Who became the first woman Prime Minister of Thailand?

  • (a) Gloria Macapagal
  • (b) Angela Markel
  • (c) Yingluck Shinawatra
  • (d) None of these

4. Who was ruling over Pakistan at the time when Bangladesh became independent ?

  • (a) Ayub Khan
  • (b) Yahya Khan
  • (c) Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  • (d) Zia ul Haq

5. What is the full form of CMP?

  • (a) Committee on Management Programme
  • (b) Common Minimum Programme
  • (c) Correct Measurement of Polio
  • (d) Communist (Marxist) Politbureau

6. World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on-

  • (a) 2nd December
  • (b) 5the July
  • (c) 14th November
  • (d) 3rd November

7. D-Day is the day when-

  • (a) Germany declared war on Britian
  • (b) US dropped the atom bomb Hiroshima
  • (c) Allied troops landed in Normandy
  • (d) Germany surrendered to the allies

8. The Government of India in a bid to attract foreign investment into India has appointed the Investment Commission which is headed by-

  • (a) Azim Premji
  • (b) Mukesh Ambani
  • (c) Ashok Ganguly
  • (d) Ratan Tata

9. Which country has recently announced of having built the world’s highest elevated railway line?

  • (a) China
  • (b) India
  • (c) Russia
  • (d) Poland

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10. ‘Daughters of Shame’ is a book written by-

  • (a) Jasvinder Sanghera
  • (b) Kermit Fatima Hussian
  • (c) Kermit Roosevelt
  • (d) Shazia Aziz

11. The Nobel Laureate who is fighting to liberate the people of Myanmar is-

  • (a) Corazon Aquino
  • (b) Benazir Bhutto
  • (c) Aung San Suukyi
  • (d) Winnie Mandela

12. “India House” is located in-

  • (a) New Delhi
  • (b) Kolkata
  • (c) London
  • (d) New York

13. Who was the first Prime Minister of England ?

  • (a) Olive Cromwell
  • (b) Benjamin Disraeli
  • (c) Robert Walpole
  • (d) Gladstone

14. Who is the newly elected President of CIC ?

  • (a) Azim Premji
  • (b) Rahul Bajaj
  • (c) A.N. Tiwari
  • (d) S.Narayan Murthy

15. What is Fahrenheit 9/11?

  • (a) A device developed to measure the explosive effect of a hydrogen bomb
  • (b) An instrument devised by a research establishment in Germany to follow the internal movements of human cells
  • (c) U.S Film-maker Michal Moore’s film which bagged top Prize in May 2004 at the Canves Film Festival
  • (d) None of these

16. Who was the Chief Guest at the Republic Day function on January 26,2011 in New Delhi ?

  • (a) Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, President of Nigeria
  • (b) Surya Bahadur Thapa, Prime Minister of Nepal
  • (c) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil
  • (d) Susilo Babang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia

17. Who is newly appointed President of FICCI?

  • (a) R.V. Kanoria
  • (b) Harish Mariwala
  • (c) Naina Lal Kidwai
  • (d) Rajiv Kumar
  • GK

18. Name the inventor of ATM who died recently-

  • (a) John Shepherd Barron
  • (b) Leszek Miller
  • (c) Ada E.Yonuth
  • (d) Willard S. Boyal

19. Who was awarded the 2011 World Food Prize?

  • (a) Dr. Philip E. Nelson
  • (b) John Agyekum Kufuor and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
  • (c) Dr. Monty Jones
  • (d) Bob Dole

20. Which of the following is not a recipient of Ashok Chaka Award 2011 conferred in January 26,2012?

  • (a) Haviladar Dayal Singh (Posthumous)
  • (b) Colonnel Neeraj Sood (Posthumous)
  • (c) Lt. Navdeep Singh (posthumous)
  • (d) Naik Rajinder Singh

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21. Red Revolution in China took place in-

  • (a) 1917
  • (b) 1949
  • (c) 1959
  • (d) 1962

22. The present Chairman of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal is-

  • (a) Sudhir Narain
  • (b) Justice B.N. Kripal
  • (c) Justice R.S. Lohoti
  • (d) Justice N.P. Singh

23. Which of the following is India’s first nuclear Powered Submarine, Launched on 26 July, 2009?

  • (a) INS Arihant
  • (b) INS Vikrant
  • (c) INS Virat
  • (d) INS Talwar

24. The Prime Minister of India constituted in January 2009 Global Advisory Council with-

  • (a) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan as its first Chairman
  • (b) Himself as its Chairman
  • (c) Kapil Sibbal as its first Chairman
  • (d) None of these

25. National Integration Day is observed on-

  • (a) January 30
  • (b) May 21
  • (c) October 30
  • (d) None of these

26. ‘Ramadori Sujatha’ who was recently in news is a-

  • (a) Writer
  • (b) Historian
  • (c) Mathematician
  • (d) Artist

27. One of the following is an odd combination. Which is that?

  • (a) Fascism : Distatorship
  • (b) Individualism : State control
  • (c) IBRD : Loans
  • (d) Mahatma Gandhi : Non-violence

28. Who amongst the following has been crowned Miss Universe 2011?

  • (a) Jimena Navarrete
  • (b) Ushoshi Sengupta
  • (c) Leila Lopes
  • (d) None of these

29. The first unified theatre commanded by the Indian Defence Force has been set at-

  • (a) Andaman Nicobar Islands
  • (b) Cochin
  • (c) Goa
  • (d) Vishakhapatnam

30. World Social Forum meeting was recently held in-

  • (a) India
  • (b) Brazil
  • (c) China
  • (d) Iraq

31. Who said, “Man is a Social Animal” ?

  • (a) Plato
  • (b) Aristotle
  • (c) Rousseau
  • (d) Socrates

32. Fabianism is closely related to-

  • (a) Fascism
  • (b) Communism
  • (c) Democratic Socialism
  • (d) Liberalism


Q1.d Q2.c Q3.c Q4.b Q5.b Q6.a Q7.c Q8.d Q9.a Q10.a    Q11.c    Q12.c Q13.c Q14.c Q15.c Q16.d Q17.c Q18.a Q19.b Q20.c  Q21.b Q22.d    Q23.a Q24.b Q25.b Q25.d Q26   Q27.b Q28.c Q29.a  Q30.b Q31.b Q32.c

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